Hunt: Showdown Stats by Laurens

Hi there! I am Laurens and this is my simple and personal Hunt: Showdown statistics website.

Each match played results in an updated attributes.xml (see below) and game.log which this website imports into its database. This data can then be used again for further analysis and for displaying on this website.

Above: sample attributes.xml file showing the number of Immolators killed in that particular match.

2024-02-18 Since version v1.15.1 of Hunt: Showdown, the local match files are no longer updated and therefore no new stats are uploaded. This website remains online for historical value.
2023-12-17 Redesigned the website. Most pages show more information and generally generate faster.
2023-12-14 Added Hunt: Showdown v1.15 and Tide of Desolation support.
2023-11-12 Added more statistics to the Event and Hunter overviews. If a match took place during an event, a colored icon will appear in the Date column on most listings.
2023-10-04 Added Hunt: Showdown v1.14 and Tide of Corruption / Halloween event support.
2023-08-02 Added Bounty symbol to the extraction statistic on every overview. This is to show if the extraction was with at least one bounty.
2023-07-30 Implemented a fix for the unreliable "Hunters killed" accolade from the Mission Summary screen. This website recalculates total kills by looking at the kill statistics on the Team Details screen.
2023-07-24 Renamed Compound Targets to Boss Targets to be more consistent with in-game descriptions, such as with the Shadow trait.
2023-07-23 Fixed hunters killed stats on the Event overview. It now shows the correct number of kills.
2023-07-12 Added stars to MMR fields.
2023-07-12 Statistics importer better recognizes Wild Target's accolades and entries.
2023-07-04 Added pagination to the Hunter overview.
2023-07-04 Added information blocks to the Matches overview.
2023-06-29 Renamed Bosses to Compound Targets to be more consistent with Liber De Monstrorvm (Book Of Monsters).
2023-06-29 Added Wild Targets overviews.
2023-06-29 Removed the YouTube column. If a recording is available, a colored icon appears in the Date column.
2023-06-28 Added Hunt: Showdown v1.13 and Tide of Shadows event support.
2023-06-20 Increased database storage for timeline events. This fixes a rare issue where the timeline was not displaying correctly if someone accumulated more than 15 kills.
2023-06-14 Improved loading time of the Bosses and Overview pages.
2023-06-13 Added average MMR to the Hunters overview's listing of Hunters.
2023-06-10 Added an information block and alias column to the Hunter overview.
2023-06-07 Fixed an issue in the Hunters overview where the wrong alias for a Hunter was displayed in rare cases.
2023-05-21 Hunter overview will now show used aliases. See what names a Hunter used.
2023-04-17 Fixed not all hunters showing up on the Hunters overview.
2023-04-14 Added Deathless statistics to Match and Event pages. Deathless was first seen during the Devil's Moon event and allowed players to keep their Hunter after death (no extraction).
2023-04-14 Statistics importer now supports more fields, including MissionBagWasDeathlessUsed.
2023-04-10 Added event pages. More updates will follow.
2023-04-10 Added more event information to the Match overview.
2023-04-10 Added more information to the Bosses overview.
2023-04-06 Added boss pages. More updates will follow.
2023-04-06 Added ducks and crows statistics to Match and general overviews.
2023-04-02 Added pagination to the Matches and Level overviews.
2023-04-02 Moved YouTube and Event information to the Game statistic on the Match overview.
2023-04-01 Added level pages. Also added level information to a few overviews. More updates will follow.
2023-04-01 Added Tutorial game type support.
2023-03-31 Added "Resurrected hunters killed" statistic to the general overview.
2023-03-31 Yes, you can also see all the horseys hurt during the Hunt. You like?
2023-03-31 Improved displaying on smaller screens. Although, this website is not intended for smaller screens, never will.. Sorry.
2023-03-21 Hunters overview now has pagination by first letter. Also, it shows who killed me (Laurens) the most. Accept defeat yo.
2023-03-21 Also added Youtube match link to matches overview and made it sortable.
2023-03-17 The Quickplay match overview is now corrected. All misinformation has been removed.
2023-03-17 Statistics importer now handles Hunt: Showdown v1.12 files.
2023-03-15 Nothing too fancy, but the matches overview is now sortable.
2023-03-13 Added personal suicides to match overview. Not that I intend to, but it happens..
2023-03-13 Added Youtube match link to match overview. Although, I don't upload matches that often, watch out for the ones I do.
2023-03-12 Fixed all known issues with the timeline in match overview.
2023-03-12 Added game type to matches overview.
2023-03-12 Fixed all error_log messages in match overview. I should really learn to code websites.. *sigh*
2023-03-11 Statistics importer can now handle multiple files at once.
2023-03-11 Yes! This website has also been given a favicon. An absolute must in the world of websites..
2023-03-09 Fixed kill trades not displaying correctly in match overview.
2023-02-17 Initial release.

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