Hunt: Showdown Stats by Laurens




Hunters killed




Average MMR
Match information
Date Tuesday 6 February 2024
End time 22:33
Level Lawson Delta
Game mode Bounty Hunt - Trio



Event Tide Of Desolation
Event information
Event clues investigated 1
Extracted with bounty Yes
Hunters looted 3
Spine Altars destroyed 2
Spine Altars looted 3
Targets banished 1
Team 1 - Invites MMR 2698
zyn 2737
teddie 2760
Team 2 - Invites MMR 2695
Priester Athelstan 2681
John Boi 2788
Ginger Hunter 2545
Team 3 - Invites MMR 2662
Bayonet Bill 2686
Hozzira 2744
Laurens (morgn) 2447
10:38 Priester Athelstan picked up a bounty
10:55 John Boi picked up a bounty
12:28 Bayonet Bill picked up a bounty
12:38 Laurens (morgn) picked up a bounty
16:12 teammate downed by John Boi
16:26 Ginger Hunter downed by teammate
17:05 teammate downed by Priester Athelstan
17:13 John Boi downed by teammate
17:13 teammate downed by John Boi
17:42 Bayonet Bill picked up a bounty
18:11 Priester Athelstan killed by teammate
18:23 Laurens (morgn) picked up a bounty
19:48 Bayonet Bill extracted with a bounty
19:48 Laurens (morgn) extracted with a bounty
Laurens (morgn)
Kill assists 3
Teammates revived 2
Boss Targets
Assassin bounty looted 2
Assassin bounty taken Yes
Scrapbeak banished Yes
Scrapbeak bonus completed Yes
Scrapbeak bounty looted 2
Scrapbeak bounty taken Yes
Scrapbeak clue found 1/3 Yes
Scrapbeak clue found 2/3 Yes
Scrapbeak killed Yes
Scrapbeak located Yes
Grunts killed 18
Hellhounds killed 1
Hives killed 7
Immolators killed 2
Immolators killed without explosion 1

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